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Active Trading Firms

Hedge Funds

Proprietary Trading Firms

Emerging Banks

Brokerage Firms

Brokerage firms assist individuals and institutions in buying and selling securities among available investors. Customers of brokerage firms can place trades of stocks, bonds.

Investment Banks and Companies

Investment banks do not take deposits; instead, they help individuals, and raise capital through the issuance of securities. Investment companies, more commonly known as mutual fund companies, pool funds from individuals and institutions

Internet Banks

Newer entrants to the financial institution market are internet banks, which work similarly to retail banks. Internet banks offer the same products and services as conventional banks, but they do so through online platforms instead of brick and mortar locations.

Hedge Funds

As an alternative investment using pooled funds that employ different strategies to earn active return, or alpha, for their investors. Hedge funds may be aggressively managed or make use of derivatives and leverage in both domestic and international markets with the goal of generating high returns (either in an absolute sense or over a specified market benchmark). It is important to note that hedge funds are generally only accessible to accredited investors as they require less regulations than other funds. One aspect that has set the hedge fund industry apart is the fact that hedge funds face less regulation than mutual funds and other investment vehicles.